Art... on World Gratitude Day

Yesterday was World Gratitude Day, and the United Nations' International Day of Peace. Plus the first day of Fall, which-- on the symbolic side of things-- is about inner preparation. Apparently, a time to "find balance and prepare for rebirth.

So with gratitude and balance in mind -- I'm reflecting on my artwork.

A few years ago I created a 'Thanks Jar' for my family. An admittedly sappy tradition, I pull it out around Thanksgiving time, and we add little notes to the jar each year. There are no rules to the Thanks Jar, and the notes range from serious to frivolous, from hand-scrawled to little mini pieces of art.

I had some fun with my gratitude notes, making little mini collages for the Thanks Notes themselves. And of course several are about being thankful for art-- ideas, creativity, color, music, and my most straightforward and emphatic: "Art, art, art, art, art!"

And honestly, all this was hitting me before I realized it was 'officially' a week to be grateful and preparing for change. Last week I was feeling a bit off-center, and wondered about the likely connection of not spending time on my artwork. So, now I'm making the time, and I'm grateful for that.